Uncadep Sed

Uncadep Sed

20 Drinkable sticks

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  • Indications

    UNCADEP® SED DRINKABLE STICKS is a food supplement based on plant extracts, Propolis and Honey. Red poppy, Iceland moss and Plantain have a soothing and pleasant effect on throat, pharynx and vocal cords. Sundew reliefs in case of irritation of throat and pharynx. Mountain pine exerts a soothing influence on the airways.
    Liquorice helps keep the airways clear. 

  • Based on

    Honey, Red poppy, Ivy, Iceland moss, Plantain, Sundew, Liquorice deglycyrrhizinated, Propolis, Mountain pine

  • Use

    1 or 2 drinkable sticks a day.


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