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Influprop nasal spray

Influprop nasal spray

nasal spray | 30 ml

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  • Indications

    INFLUPROP® NASAL SPRAY is a Medical Device recommended for the cleansing of the nasal passages: seawater cleans the nasal cavities and removes excess mucus, thus facilitating breathing. Polysaccharides give comfort and relief to the irritated nose: thanks to its barrier effect, the product moisturizes and protects the nasal mucosa.

  • Based on

    Concentrated Seawater, Echinacea, Pot Marigold, sodium hyaluronate, Copper.

  • Directions

    1-2 squirts in each nostril, 3 times a day. Keep the bottle upright, insert the tip into the nostril and press firmly and quickly. After the squirt, breath in deeply with your mouth shut and press slightly the other nostril with the finger, to distribute the product uniformly on the whole nasal mucosa.



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