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Golaprop Spray

Golaprop Spray

throat spray | 50 ml

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  • Indications

    GOLAPROP® Throat Spray is a Medical Device indicated to relieve throat irritation associated to pain, burning sensation, difficulty in swallowing. The innovative formulation acts as a barrier, creating a protective fillm which coats the oral cavity and protects it from external irritants. GOLAPROP® Throat Spray contributes to maintain mucosal hydration, relieving the bothersome symptoms of sore throat.

  • Based on

    Propolis,Echinacea, Thyme, Acerola, Vitamin C, Licorice, Sodium hyaluronate. 

  • Directions

    4 squirts directly in the oral cavity, 3 times a day. Keep the bottle upright, insert the tip into the oral cavity and press firmly and quickly.



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